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About us


Saint Mark's Lutheran is a proud member of the Nebraska Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. We work with other ELCA congregation across the state of Nebraska to spread the message of Jesus Christ and serve our neighbors to the best of our God given abilities.


We have been serving the community of Pender, Nebraska since 1916 through service, word, and sacrament. We work to be an active participant in the life of this community. From football games to fundraisers, concerts to funerals, we want every citizen of Pender to know that we are here to help in their time of need with the love that Christ first gave us.


We also work hard to be a contributing part of the world around us. By supporting ministries such as Lutheran World Relief, ELCA World Hunger Mission Field Nebraska, St. Mark's continues to be a thriving community of service and faith not only in our home but to people around the world!


Saint Mark's is working hard to continue being a beacon of Christ's love to every person we meet!














Our Mission


Saint Mark's is a community called to make disciples of Christ through worship, giving, praying, learning, encouraging, and inviting. There is a place here for everyone who is looking for a community to call home. We rely fully on God to provide guidance for our lives and the Holy Spirit to lead us where God can use our gifts and talents to spread the message of love and hope in the world. We continue to grow in faith and trust, knowing the grace and mercy we have been given!

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